Admissions Process

Admissions Process

All applicants will be required to undergo a level appropriate admissions assessment and a face to face interview with the principal and a teacher. This helps us learn about each applicant’s capabilities and identify any special needs.

Admission assessments in English and Mathematics are necessary for all students entering Years 3 upwards.

Upon acceptance with regard to the aptitude test and interview, the application form issued by the administration office or by downloading the application form has to be duly filled and submitted along with the required documents mentioned below to begin the enrolment process.

Documents required

In the case of students, the following documents (with photocopies) are required to be produced at the time of application:

  • Student’s Original birth certificate
  • Leaving Certificate of previous school
  • Recent, 3 Photographs of Student (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Copy of Student’s health Card
  • Copy of Student’s vaccination certificate
  • Copy of Student’s Identity Card
  • Copy of Parents’ and Student’s Permit of Stay
  • Copy of Parents’ “Codice Fiscale”
  • Certificates and Evidence of Performance

Students moving into the area

Where a child is moving into the area and needs a school place, parents will also need to apply for an in-year school place through School Admissions at Bloom International School. The Admissions team require a confirmed address and moving date before they can process the application.

For further details please contact the Admissions Team:

Telephone: 0266801832 / 3294637741